What is Round LED High Bay Light

Round LED High Bay Lights are high bay light products that are round in shape, and can be placed in higher ceilings. These offer powerful lighting that can offer widespread illumination with the help of robust Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures.

Advantages of Round LED High Bay Lights

  • Lasts longer – These lights can last for more time, as much as 4 times more than regular lights. These are durable fixtures and you can be assured that you will not have to replace them soon enough.
  • Cooler lights – These offer brighter illumination, but can burn at a cooler temperature – which makes them perfect to be used continuously over a long time period. These do not need a long time for warm-up, and can offer bright light almost as soon as these are switched on.
  • Efficient lighting – These can offer efficient lighting in industrial areas, gymnasiums, warehouses, mechanic shops and more. Such kinds of lights are designed to be suspended high from ceilings, and offer light with very low amount of heat.
  • Affordable – These types of lights produce illumination at a low cost. When these are paired with motion sensors, these can help lower energy expenses. Fixtures that satisfy DLC Premium certifications might be eligible for state or local rebates. This is one of the reasons why these are fast replacing metal halide (MH) high bays. These can be affordable fixture solutions in various industrial settings, such as warehouses, mechanic shops and other areas that need powerful and uniform lighting.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Round LED High Bay Lights

If you want lights that resemble your current Metal Halide fixtures, choose round shaped LED high bay lights that have reflectors. If you want a more modern appearance, opt for fixtures that do not come with reflectors. Those sans reflectors are often called “UFO” lights, given that these are of smaller size and can save space on the ceiling.

Round LED high bays, which come with NSF certification, can safely be used in facilities where food is handled – such as in eateries, hotels, restaurants and more. Ensure that you compare your present lighting fixtures’ Lumen output to those fixtures that you are planning to get. It will let you match the fixture output better. In case your space requires more light than is offered currently, choose LED high bay lights having more Lumen output.

The color of the light that is emitted, or the color temperature, may also have an impact on the light output. Fixtures that produce white halogen light of 3500 Kelvin can be a fantastic choice to brighten up retail spaces. Cool white light of 4000 Kelvin can reduce strain on the eyes, which can make it a better option for warehouses in which pick accuracy is essential. You should choose fixtures that emit a white 5000 Kelvin light similar to daylight, for higher concentration and visibility in sporting arenas and manufacturing facilities.

Also look for high bays having a rating of IP-65, which means that the fixtures can be protected against water jets and entry of dust.