LED high bay 60w UFO pendant for garage lighting wholesale cheap price

How to Install UFO LED High Bay Light?

It is easier to look for a lighting fixture for a wide area. UFO LED High Bay Lights are lights that can save energy, work on lower amount of energy, and help you to save as much as 75% on lighting expenses. It can be easy to choose such a lighting fixture. However, the installation and mounting happens to be the toughest part. You can set the fixtures up in the industrial and commercial spaces. These fixtures can be mounted and installed in two ways.

Hook Mounting

This is the most convenient way to install the lighting fixture on a high ceiling. You need to follow these steps:

  • Get a hook that is heavier by 3 times as compared to the fixture. Screw the fixture in and then have it tightened. Switch the power supply off, so as to avoid getting a high voltage electrical shock.
  • Leave the fixture firmly to test whether it can fall down.
  • Once you have set the fixture in place, connect the wires to it in the proper way:
  • Separately connect the white/blue and black/brown of the Alternate Current (AC) input line in a separate way with the Neutral white line.
  • Make sure that connection is made between the earthing line and the yellow-green ground wire.
  • If you wish to dim the lighting fixture, establish the dimming signal line (DC – and DC +) port dimming signal line connection with the dimmer, so that the dimmer is connected to the line.
  • Connect the wire as per local standards and ensure that protected connections have been made. Once the connection is done, use duct tape to secure the wire.
  • Once the connection is made properly, switch the power source on. Light the space up from the high ceiling.

Ceiling Mount

You need to follow all directions properly:

  • Use a chalk or sharp tool to mark a sign over a ceiling where you would set up the UFO LED High bay light. Use a drilling machine to carve a hole in place.
  • Insert the expansion screw into the holes. Use a hammer to tighten them in place.
  • Align the direction of the expansion screw with the U-bracket fixture. Set the fixture in place in the lighting fixture. Tighten the screw nuts.
  • Connect the wires in the same way as the process of hook mounting. You may adjust the light fixture at an angle of 50 degrees to the left or right in the vertical directions.

It is important that you take all the necessary precautions. Ensure that the source of power is cut-down. Only mount the lighting fixture at a damp and dry location. You should only use wires that are IEC and UL approved for the purpose of output and input. Keep in mind that the device cannot be used as a security for emergency lights. Once you follow all the necessary steps, you can be assured that the UFO LED High bay fixtures would be set up properly.

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