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LED Linear High Bay Lights Are a Perfect Choice for Warehouse Lighting

LED Linear high bay lighting happens to be a popular option for warehouse lighting today. These lights can be hung easily with the help of dual gribber cables, and connected easily with the junction box that is located at the back. These lights are increasingly being used for illumination in warehouse due to a number of reasons. Find out what makes them perfect for warehouse lighting.

Consume much less power

LED Linear high bay lights produce far more illumination at a fraction of the energy that Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL), incandescent bulbs, halogen lights etc draw to produce light. This makes them highly advantageous to warehouse managers and proprietors, who always wish to save on expenses, streamline all functions, ensure a safer work ambience and generate more revenues.

Reduced heat outcome

The heat outcome of these lights is much lower than CFL or incandescent light bulbs. This makes them particularly beneficial for refrigerated warehouses, in which older bulbs give off heat – which makes it hard to maintain the most appropriate freezing temperatures. There is more energy lost in cooling due to this reason, and the electricity expenses increase for warehouses. The use of LED Linear high bay lights, which produce very less heat and convert most of the electric energy into light energy, tackles this problem. As these lights are very energy efficient, there are no issues of higher electricity bills as well.

Safer lighting

LED lights ensure that warehouses can have a better and safer work zone. These are brighter lights, producing significantly more illumination than incandescent or CFL lights. Thus, workers are able to see everything with more clarity. This makes it easier for them to move through warehouses and minimizes the risks of accidents. Many warehouses have huge racking that creates tunnels within the building. It is often challenging to light up these warehouse isles. LED Linear high bay fitting tackle this problem by using the newest technology. Such fixtures create a High Bay that ensures uniform light distribution over the entire space and illuminates every corner.

Reduced need for maintenance

Traditional lights have a shorter lifespan than LEDs, and have to be replaced more often. LED Linear high bay lights are more durable and can run for longer. These have a prolonged life and can last 2 to 5 times more than HIDs. This means there is less need for resources and time to dedicate to standard maintenance of these lights.

Lighting & Dimming controls

The illumination of LED lights can be regulated with various lighting controls, and can be dimmed as wished. You can turn these on or off immediately. HIDs, in comparison, need longer time to attain full brightness. One can connect these to tenancy as well as other types of lighting sensors to ensure that spaces that are used infrequently are not illuminated unnecessarily when they are not being used. LED lights can work well enough with dimming controls, and can let you customize lighting levels and add more control to lighting ambiance.

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How to Install UFO LED High Bay Light?

It is easier to look for a lighting fixture for a wide area. UFO LED High Bay Lights are lights that can save energy, work on lower amount of energy, and help you to save as much as 75% on lighting expenses. It can be easy to choose such a lighting fixture. However, the installation and mounting happens to be the toughest part. You can set the fixtures up in the industrial and commercial spaces. These fixtures can be mounted and installed in two ways.

Hook Mounting

This is the most convenient way to install the lighting fixture on a high ceiling. You need to follow these steps:

  • Get a hook that is heavier by 3 times as compared to the fixture. Screw the fixture in and then have it tightened. Switch the power supply off, so as to avoid getting a high voltage electrical shock.
  • Leave the fixture firmly to test whether it can fall down.
  • Once you have set the fixture in place, connect the wires to it in the proper way:
  • Separately connect the white/blue and black/brown of the Alternate Current (AC) input line in a separate way with the Neutral white line.
  • Make sure that connection is made between the earthing line and the yellow-green ground wire.
  • If you wish to dim the lighting fixture, establish the dimming signal line (DC – and DC +) port dimming signal line connection with the dimmer, so that the dimmer is connected to the line.
  • Connect the wire as per local standards and ensure that protected connections have been made. Once the connection is done, use duct tape to secure the wire.
  • Once the connection is made properly, switch the power source on. Light the space up from the high ceiling.

Ceiling Mount

You need to follow all directions properly:

  • Use a chalk or sharp tool to mark a sign over a ceiling where you would set up the UFO LED High bay light. Use a drilling machine to carve a hole in place.
  • Insert the expansion screw into the holes. Use a hammer to tighten them in place.
  • Align the direction of the expansion screw with the U-bracket fixture. Set the fixture in place in the lighting fixture. Tighten the screw nuts.
  • Connect the wires in the same way as the process of hook mounting. You may adjust the light fixture at an angle of 50 degrees to the left or right in the vertical directions.

It is important that you take all the necessary precautions. Ensure that the source of power is cut-down. Only mount the lighting fixture at a damp and dry location. You should only use wires that are IEC and UL approved for the purpose of output and input. Keep in mind that the device cannot be used as a security for emergency lights. Once you follow all the necessary steps, you can be assured that the UFO LED High bay fixtures would be set up properly.

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How to Find Real LED High Bay Light Manufacturer in China?

China is one of the biggest producers and exporters of LED lighting solutions and fixtures. It is easy to import these types of lights from the country, but it is important that you find genuine High Bay light manufacturers in China to place orders with. There are lots of vendors to be found on the market, it might be very expensive, confusing and complex for you to find a good one. Here are some tips for you to find the best genuine Chinese manufacturers.

Carry out research

Get in touch with your local suppliers before you get in touch with any Chinese supplier. Compare the product catalog and prices between various Chinese vendors. You can find some manufacturers offering lights at 50% cheaper rates than the LED dealers or wholesalers in your locality. Also find out which types of items are banned for import by your local administration. The Governments in many places have banned various accessories that cannot be imported. Ensure that a product of your choice is not banned by your local authorities.

Browse Online

Few people can personally meet Chinese manufacturers of the LED solutions that they want. You can browse online and find out which suppliers have the products that you need. Find out whether the manufacturer is experienced in making LED lights and bulbs as per US and EU product standards. Check whether the supplier is ISO 9001 certified, and follows the same principles in daily operations. Make sure that he has passed SA 8000 and other social compliance audits. Find out if he is a part of some CSR organization. Also check whether the supplier works with subcontractors, and can supply you the necessary components.

Attend Trade EXPO

These days, many trading fairs are being set up throughout the globe where Chinese LED manufacturers can get a chance to show their products on a global level. Companies, during these events, can showcase their most innovative and in-demand LED lighting products in stalls, which can help others to know about what their product catalog consists of. You can attend these EXPOs to get a clear idea about which manufacturers and suppliers are among the best ones in the market, and avoid possible scams. You can also make business queries to the sellers when you meet them in person.

However, before you visit any of these fairs, it is important that you ensure some reliable organization has organized it. You can do this very easily by knowing about the registration fee of the EXPO that you visit. In case the manufacturers had to pay a big sum of money to display their items, you can be assured that those are serious businesses and not some fly by night operators. Thus, you can be assured that the trading fair is an authentic one.

Visit China

If you are on a business trip or vacation to China, you can use the opportunity to meet with a few Chinese LED manufacturers in person and have a meeting with them. You can see what types of LED lights they make, and how is the feedback for the same.

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How many LED High Bay Fixtures Do You Need For Warehouse?

LED High Bay lights are a huge addition to the LED industry. These lighting fixtures are getting increasingly popular due to the cleaner light output, more brightness, high energy-efficiency and less need for maintenance. There are also controls and sensors that can further help reduce the consumption of energy, and boost system management. The lights have ushered in a new era in lighting, and are appropriate for businesses. Many warehouses are using LED lights to save on energy and reduce the downtime. However, many warehouse managers often wonder how many fixtures they actually need to set up in their space for proper illumination of every corner. Here is a guide on how you can find out about the exact number of LED High Bay Fixtures that you need for your warehouse.

Know the Energy Efficiency Provisions of NCC

A set of guidelines and design was introduced by the NCC Volume Two Energy Efficiency Provisions 2016 for the various technical aspects of infrastructures and buildings in Australia, which include lighting. According to it, the optimal illumination power density in case of storage facilities needs to be:

  • 8 W/m2, with shelving not greater in height than 75% of the aisle lighting height
  • 10 W/m2, with shelving greater in height than 75% of the aisle lighting height

It mentions that in order to know about the lighting power allowance for a given space, its total area has to be multiplied with the optimal illumination power density.

Know your warehouse size

You would first have to know about the amount of floor space that is there in your warehouse. You may use 10 W/m2 or 8 W/m2 to multiply that number, according to how high your shelves are. For instance, if 500 square meters is your total floor area and your warehouse shelves are less than 75% of the lighting in your aisle, you can multiply 500 by 8. This will limit the lighting power allowance for your warehouse space to 4,000 watts.

Pick the LED lighting solutions of your choice

Next, you have to pick the lighting fixtures of your preference. It is important that you know about the different types of LED high bay lights that can be a good match for your warehouse area, and determine which ones you should choose from. You can check out the entire catalog of lights from the product pages of LED High Bay Fixtures sellers and distributors in your area, or online.

Check your chosen LED light specs

Find out whether the specifications of the lights satisfy your own lighting requirements. If a fixture is more powerful, you will need to install lesser number of the same. For instance, if you pick a LED High Bay Fixture of 95 W, you would need about 42 of the same to distribute light equally so as to make the most of the lighting power that you are allowed. On the other hand, if you pick LED high bay lights of 135W, it means you have to set up about 29 fixtures.

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Guides to Choose the Best LED High Bay Light for Parking Lot

When you are looking at LED high bay lights for your parking lot, you need to consider various things apart from design and size. The more particular that you are with your choice, the more would be your chances of getting the best LED high-bay fixture for your lighting requirements. Here is a guide on LED high-bay lights for parking areas that will help you to make the best choice.


The wattage determines the illumination output that you can obtain ultimately. The LED chip brand has a direct impact on the brightness, while the color of LED impacts the output of light. The quality and type of materials also has an impact on the brightness, given that there are varied light outputs from varied LED bulbs at the same wattage on the basis of differences in manufacturing. Varied wattage is ideal for varied settings.


The measure of the entire light output emitted by a light source, like LED parking lot light, comes with differing brightness. There could be varying lumens from two LED area lights that have similar wattage. If you want to find out which is the brighter bulb, you have to use lumens as your parameter rather than wattage. Pick lighting solutions with appropriate lumens to be able to achieve the best light intensity for the results that you desire from your light.

Beam angles

A 120 ° beam angle is used by LED strip lighting and LED bulbs. However, when you are going for LED high bay lights for your parking area, you need to consider which beam angles would be the most appropriate. For example, a beam angle of 60 ° can be ideal for spaces with ceilings that have about 10-feet high ceilings. On the other hand, ceilings that are more than 15 feet high can be served the best by a beam angle of 24 – 30 °.

Pole Placement

Parking lot layouts are quite varied, but almost every parking lot light fixture is affixed to a tall pole. This is because high areas serve as a vantage point, and lights can pool more easily all through the spot. After you decide to switch your present light fixtures out and opt for LED high bay fixture, you need to decide whether you would like to keep the existing pole or replace them. Given that LED fixtures offer more light and you can customize the distribution of light, it will be possible for you to get better or same results with less number of lighting fixtures. It means that you will not require as many poles, and also need to decide whether or not to leave poles that do not comprise of lighting fixtures or get rid of them.

Light characteristics

You also need to take into account many of the characteristics of the lights, such as Color Rendering Index (CRI), Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), earned safety ratings, Eco-friendliness, heat distribution properties and light distribution properties. It is necessary to consider these to know which high-bay lights can be the most suitable for your parking lot.

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5 Best LED High Bay Lights of 2019

In case you are in search of LED lights for your shop or wish to change the illuminate in your workshop to something that is brighter, you would like to opt for high bay lights – which are one of the most in-demand lights today. These lights provide large industrial and commercial areas with higher energy savings, long lifespan and high performance. These are perfect upgrade or replacement options for existing fluorescent high-bay and HID metal halide luminaries. When you upgrade to these lights, you can be assured of higher productivity, worker safety, visibility and energy savings. Know about the 5 best LED High Bay Lights of 2019.

DUKE 150w LED UFO high Bay Light

This is a UL, FCC and DLC 4.2 Premium Approved light that is eco-friendly and safe. It is the brightest illuminant on this list, having as much as 140 lm/w and 21,000 lumens. It has 120 degree beam angle and 1-10V dimmable function. The light has a 5-year warranty. It is offered with 5-inch safety cable wires. This is an energy saving light that is extremely bright, dimmable, easy to mount and has a long life. However, it is slightly costlier in price.

Hykolity 100W UFO LED High Bay Light Fixture

This is a practical and affordable solution, and comes with a warranty of 5 years. These DLC Premium Complying lights work with most LED dimmers out there. Lights that are certified by the DLC (Design Lights Consortium) come with higher energy efficiency. The product also has many other advantages, such as 3′ Power Extension Cord and Motion Sensor. It has 110° light beaming angle. Although heat dissipation is a problem, this light is dimmable and easy to install, and has a long lifespan, higher energy efficiency and a reasonable cost.


This is a very bright lamp that comes with ETL certification and is very bright. It has Luxeon 3030 LED and Meanwell HBG series driver, which increases its reliability. The light has a warranty of 5 years, which lets you buy it more confidently. It has solid color rendering, with Ra>80 and 5000K color temperature. It has 120 degree beam angle. However, it has a short cord of 1feet.

Hyperlite 150W LED High Bay Shop Lighting

This is a white UFO high bay light having a beaming angle of 120 degrees. It comes with a 3-prong plug and 5-inch cable, which make it easier to be suspended from a ceiling or set up in room corners, and suspend it safely. The light also comes with safety wires. The light is FCC, DLC and UL listed, and is durable. It can be mounted easily, is dimmable and comes with a white housing. But it is a little costlier.

GENPAR 100W UFO LED High Bay Light

The light offers an excellent performance, and has 130lm/w efficiency. It is backed by a warranty of 5 years. You can easily mount this light, which is durable. It has a reasonable price tag, but a longer cord would have been more appreciable.