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How to Find Real LED High Bay Light Manufacturer in China?

China is one of the biggest producers and exporters of LED lighting solutions and fixtures. It is easy to import these types of lights from the country, but it is important that you find genuine High Bay light manufacturers in China to place orders with. There are lots of vendors to be found on the market, it might be very expensive, confusing and complex for you to find a good one. Here are some tips for you to find the best genuine Chinese manufacturers.

Carry out research

Get in touch with your local suppliers before you get in touch with any Chinese supplier. Compare the product catalog and prices between various Chinese vendors. You can find some manufacturers offering lights at 50% cheaper rates than the LED dealers or wholesalers in your locality. Also find out which types of items are banned for import by your local administration. The Governments in many places have banned various accessories that cannot be imported. Ensure that a product of your choice is not banned by your local authorities.

Browse Online

Few people can personally meet Chinese manufacturers of the LED solutions that they want. You can browse online and find out which suppliers have the products that you need. Find out whether the manufacturer is experienced in making LED lights and bulbs as per US and EU product standards. Check whether the supplier is ISO 9001 certified, and follows the same principles in daily operations. Make sure that he has passed SA 8000 and other social compliance audits. Find out if he is a part of some CSR organization. Also check whether the supplier works with subcontractors, and can supply you the necessary components.

Attend Trade EXPO

These days, many trading fairs are being set up throughout the globe where Chinese LED manufacturers can get a chance to show their products on a global level. Companies, during these events, can showcase their most innovative and in-demand LED lighting products in stalls, which can help others to know about what their product catalog consists of. You can attend these EXPOs to get a clear idea about which manufacturers and suppliers are among the best ones in the market, and avoid possible scams. You can also make business queries to the sellers when you meet them in person.

However, before you visit any of these fairs, it is important that you ensure some reliable organization has organized it. You can do this very easily by knowing about the registration fee of the EXPO that you visit. In case the manufacturers had to pay a big sum of money to display their items, you can be assured that those are serious businesses and not some fly by night operators. Thus, you can be assured that the trading fair is an authentic one.

Visit China

If you are on a business trip or vacation to China, you can use the opportunity to meet with a few Chinese LED manufacturers in person and have a meeting with them. You can see what types of LED lights they make, and how is the feedback for the same.

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