30W LED Linear High Bay Light Fitting For Wholesale At Cheap Price

LED Linear High Bay Lights Are a Perfect Choice for Warehouse Lighting

LED Linear high bay lighting happens to be a popular option for warehouse lighting today. These lights can be hung easily with the help of dual gribber cables, and connected easily with the junction box that is located at the back. These lights are increasingly being used for illumination in warehouse due to a number of reasons. Find out what makes them perfect for warehouse lighting.

Consume much less power

LED Linear high bay lights produce far more illumination at a fraction of the energy that Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL), incandescent bulbs, halogen lights etc draw to produce light. This makes them highly advantageous to warehouse managers and proprietors, who always wish to save on expenses, streamline all functions, ensure a safer work ambience and generate more revenues.

Reduced heat outcome

The heat outcome of these lights is much lower than CFL or incandescent light bulbs. This makes them particularly beneficial for refrigerated warehouses, in which older bulbs give off heat – which makes it hard to maintain the most appropriate freezing temperatures. There is more energy lost in cooling due to this reason, and the electricity expenses increase for warehouses. The use of LED Linear high bay lights, which produce very less heat and convert most of the electric energy into light energy, tackles this problem. As these lights are very energy efficient, there are no issues of higher electricity bills as well.

Safer lighting

LED lights ensure that warehouses can have a better and safer work zone. These are brighter lights, producing significantly more illumination than incandescent or CFL lights. Thus, workers are able to see everything with more clarity. This makes it easier for them to move through warehouses and minimizes the risks of accidents. Many warehouses have huge racking that creates tunnels within the building. It is often challenging to light up these warehouse isles. LED Linear high bay fitting tackle this problem by using the newest technology. Such fixtures create a High Bay that ensures uniform light distribution over the entire space and illuminates every corner.

Reduced need for maintenance

Traditional lights have a shorter lifespan than LEDs, and have to be replaced more often. LED Linear high bay lights are more durable and can run for longer. These have a prolonged life and can last 2 to 5 times more than HIDs. This means there is less need for resources and time to dedicate to standard maintenance of these lights.

Lighting & Dimming controls

The illumination of LED lights can be regulated with various lighting controls, and can be dimmed as wished. You can turn these on or off immediately. HIDs, in comparison, need longer time to attain full brightness. One can connect these to tenancy as well as other types of lighting sensors to ensure that spaces that are used infrequently are not illuminated unnecessarily when they are not being used. LED lights can work well enough with dimming controls, and can let you customize lighting levels and add more control to lighting ambiance.

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