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How many LED High Bay Fixtures Do You Need For Warehouse?

LED High Bay lights are a huge addition to the LED industry. These lighting fixtures are getting increasingly popular due to the cleaner light output, more brightness, high energy-efficiency and less need for maintenance. There are also controls and sensors that can further help reduce the consumption of energy, and boost system management. The lights have ushered in a new era in lighting, and are appropriate for businesses. Many warehouses are using LED lights to save on energy and reduce the downtime. However, many warehouse managers often wonder how many fixtures they actually need to set up in their space for proper illumination of every corner. Here is a guide on how you can find out about the exact number of LED High Bay Fixtures that you need for your warehouse.

Know the Energy Efficiency Provisions of NCC

A set of guidelines and design was introduced by the NCC Volume Two Energy Efficiency Provisions 2016 for the various technical aspects of infrastructures and buildings in Australia, which include lighting. According to it, the optimal illumination power density in case of storage facilities needs to be:

  • 8 W/m2, with shelving not greater in height than 75% of the aisle lighting height
  • 10 W/m2, with shelving greater in height than 75% of the aisle lighting height

It mentions that in order to know about the lighting power allowance for a given space, its total area has to be multiplied with the optimal illumination power density.

Know your warehouse size

You would first have to know about the amount of floor space that is there in your warehouse. You may use 10 W/m2 or 8 W/m2 to multiply that number, according to how high your shelves are. For instance, if 500 square meters is your total floor area and your warehouse shelves are less than 75% of the lighting in your aisle, you can multiply 500 by 8. This will limit the lighting power allowance for your warehouse space to 4,000 watts.

Pick the LED lighting solutions of your choice

Next, you have to pick the lighting fixtures of your preference. It is important that you know about the different types of LED high bay lights that can be a good match for your warehouse area, and determine which ones you should choose from. You can check out the entire catalog of lights from the product pages of LED High Bay Fixtures sellers and distributors in your area, or online.

Check your chosen LED light specs

Find out whether the specifications of the lights satisfy your own lighting requirements. If a fixture is more powerful, you will need to install lesser number of the same. For instance, if you pick a LED High Bay Fixture of 95 W, you would need about 42 of the same to distribute light equally so as to make the most of the lighting power that you are allowed. On the other hand, if you pick LED high bay lights of 135W, it means you have to set up about 29 fixtures.

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