LED high bay light 250w UFO high power super bright for gym lighting

5 Best LED High Bay Lights of 2019

In case you are in search of LED lights for your shop or wish to change the illuminate in your workshop to something that is brighter, you would like to opt for high bay lights – which are one of the most in-demand lights today. These lights provide large industrial and commercial areas with higher energy savings, long lifespan and high performance. These are perfect upgrade or replacement options for existing fluorescent high-bay and HID metal halide luminaries. When you upgrade to these lights, you can be assured of higher productivity, worker safety, visibility and energy savings. Know about the 5 best LED High Bay Lights of 2019.

DUKE 150w LED UFO high Bay Light

This is a UL, FCC and DLC 4.2 Premium Approved light that is eco-friendly and safe. It is the brightest illuminant on this list, having as much as 140 lm/w and 21,000 lumens. It has 120 degree beam angle and 1-10V dimmable function. The light has a 5-year warranty. It is offered with 5-inch safety cable wires. This is an energy saving light that is extremely bright, dimmable, easy to mount and has a long life. However, it is slightly costlier in price.

Hykolity 100W UFO LED High Bay Light Fixture

This is a practical and affordable solution, and comes with a warranty of 5 years. These DLC Premium Complying lights work with most LED dimmers out there. Lights that are certified by the DLC (Design Lights Consortium) come with higher energy efficiency. The product also has many other advantages, such as 3′ Power Extension Cord and Motion Sensor. It has 110° light beaming angle. Although heat dissipation is a problem, this light is dimmable and easy to install, and has a long lifespan, higher energy efficiency and a reasonable cost.


This is a very bright lamp that comes with ETL certification and is very bright. It has Luxeon 3030 LED and Meanwell HBG series driver, which increases its reliability. The light has a warranty of 5 years, which lets you buy it more confidently. It has solid color rendering, with Ra>80 and 5000K color temperature. It has 120 degree beam angle. However, it has a short cord of 1feet.

Hyperlite 150W LED High Bay Shop Lighting

This is a white UFO high bay light having a beaming angle of 120 degrees. It comes with a 3-prong plug and 5-inch cable, which make it easier to be suspended from a ceiling or set up in room corners, and suspend it safely. The light also comes with safety wires. The light is FCC, DLC and UL listed, and is durable. It can be mounted easily, is dimmable and comes with a white housing. But it is a little costlier.

GENPAR 100W UFO LED High Bay Light

The light offers an excellent performance, and has 130lm/w efficiency. It is backed by a warranty of 5 years. You can easily mount this light, which is durable. It has a reasonable price tag, but a longer cord would have been more appreciable.

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